Pega BPM Training

Pega is a PRPC server (Pega Rules Process Commander) used to design and build applications in the Pega platform. It is a Business Process Management tool developed on OOPS and java concepts, helps to build enterprise applications for business management. Pega is used to design the application once and deploy it anytime anywhere.
The benefit of using this tool is to reduce cost, development times by using template and configuration and increase efficiency. Developers can follow an agile way to deliver their product. Pega application is a JEE compliant application; it can run any JEE compliant servers with no restriction for OS level. It can integrate with other external systems by using SOAP, HTTP, and Database.
We offer Weekend, Weekdays, Fastrack, and Online Classes. According to the student’s flexible timings classes are scheduled, which is valuable and cost-effective. We focus on the practical side of training rather than theoretical. It will be the easiest way to know the technology quickly, and the students will benefit from practicing and attending their interviews with confidence.
You will learn the fundamentals of BPM, the architecture of Pega application and servers. This course also teaches you how to design Classes, Decision rules, Declarative rules, Data models, and integration with external systems, Process flow, PRPC Database concepts, Activities, Security, and more.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the PEGA Architecture
  • Understanding the Advantages of BPM
  • Learn to implement the concepts of PEGA
  • Inheritance Types in PEGA
  • nderstand the Components of PEGA
  • UI Designing Forms & Testing in PEGA, Debugging Tools using PEGA
  • Interface Design, Layout & Property Conditions
  • Learn to Implement Data Storage Rules using the Activity
  • Understanding the concepts of workflows
  • Complete knowledge of Data Page & Report Definition Understanding of Operator


This course is for Developers, Administrators, Business Analysts, Managers, Testers, Freshers, or any aspiring candidates who want to become skilled Pega professionals.

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