Google Cloud Training

3S IT Training provides advanced Google Cloud Platform training. We cover from basic to advanced level on Google platform how to set up and run applications using Google cloud features and securities. Our course format is 30% theory and 70% Hands-on practical sessions. Our trainers are working professionals with at least +7 years of experience in Administration or architect on on-premises Cloud infrastructure. The trainee can easily get in-depth knowledge from experts and guidance.
Using this course, trainees can learn virtual machines, storage, networking, firewall, VPC, securities, and advanced concepts. Our trainer helps you to get in-depth knowledge of the Google platform. Google cloud platform provides advanced cloud computing services for Processing, Data Storage, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT Gateway.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on Google Container Engine
  • Understanding of Google Cloud Platform Storage Options
  • Understand the concepts of Managing GCP Services
  • Learn about containers and their benefits
  • Basic understanding DevOps Services on Cloud
  • Basic knowledge of Big Data and Machine Learning services of GCP
  • Understand how to migrate from the on-premises model to the Google cloud


IT Professionals, Cloud Computing Professionals, Database Administrators, Business Administrators, Networking Administrators, Job Seekers.

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