Microsoft Azure Developer Training

Microsoft Azure is a leading and enterprise-grade Cloud Computing Platform. It provides PaaS, Saas to enterprises applications. The new or existing organization can easily set up a robust environment with just some set of clicks and run their web application or enterprise application securely.
We offer the job oriented Azure Training through which you will gain practical knowledge, job interview questions, and certification-related questions. Using this course, you will learn Azure architecture, fundamentals & benefits, Implement Azure Functions, storage services, security, Monitor, Troubleshoot, & Optimize Azure Solutions, Azure web app services, and more. We Guarantee for your Azure Training Success with Certification.

Course Objectives

  • Complete knowledge of cloud computing concepts
  • Understanding of Azure architecture
  • Understand the benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Gain knowledge of Azure Cloud services
  • Learn to create Azure applications
  • Learn to deploy cloud on-premises
  • Certification guidance


Windows Azure Developer course is for Microsoft Developers, Windows Administrator, Job Seekers, and IT professionals who want to learn Cloud Computing Technology.

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