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We provide training on Tableau in your comfort timings, like weekends, regular days, and in Morning and Evening sessions. Its complete job-oriented Tableau Training, you will gain more confidence, skills, and knowledge after the Tableau Data Visualization course. Using this course, you can learn data that distribute more interactive and sharable dashboards from experienced professionals.
Tableau is a leading Business Intelligence tool for analyzing organization data. It provides very rich features to visual business data in different styles and different formats in a few seconds. Using Tableau tool features can analyze data quickly and more real-time collaboration.
Using this course, you can learn the fundamentals of Data Warehouse Concept and Design, Architecture of Tableau, ETL Process, Advanced Visualization and Dashboard, Calculated Fields, and different kinds of formatting features. And also, you learn best practices to follow while developing Dashboard and Interviews and Certification Tips. 

Tableau products

Tableau desktop - This is to build interactive dashboards and visualizations.
Tableau public - This is the free version of Tableau Server hosted on the cloud by Tableau Software.
Tableau prep - This is to prepare data for analysis.
Tableau online- It is a cloud-hosted version of the user interface of Tableau Server.
Tableau server- This is where the user can publish the dashboard and enables his/her to share the dashboard securely.

Course Objectives 

  • Learn to understand Tableau architecture
  • Learn to understand Tableau Components
  • Learn to create interactive dashboards, Graphs, Map
  • Learn to understand Data Connection in Tableau Interface
  • Learn to understand terminology for visualization
  • Learn to understand Advanced Data Preparation
  • Learn to understand how to use R scripts in Tableau


Tableau course is for Data Warehouse Developers, Data Analytics Designer, Job Seekers, and IT professionals who want to learn Business Intelligence and Analytics using advanced technologies.

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