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The career opportunities for Golang professionals are increasing day-by-day with its popularity. One of the most demanding and trending programming languages in the market. 3S IT Training offers the best Google Go Programming Language Training in the UK with most experienced professionals. The aspirants can learn the basic principles and tools of the Go Programming Language through hands-on, real-time, and project-oriented training. Enhance your professional profile by enrolling in Go programming training and get certified.
Go Programming is an open-source programming language developed by Google, also known as Golang. It is a mixture of procedural and functional programming. Its popularity has skyrocketed recently. Go is for multi-tasking, multi-threaded console applications. It is written in Go itself and has a built-in mechanism for the Multi-threaded program and Standard libraries. The main advantage is easy to use, simplicity, fast compilation, cross-compiling, easy concurrency, garbage collection, goroutines, and channels.
During this course, aspirants will learn about the basic concepts of the Go language, including variables, keywords, control structure, and arrays, various tools in Go, functions, maps, slices, interfaces, methods, and concurrency. If you are looking for the Best Golang training institute in the UK, then we take the opportunity to be the right choice of an institution providing the most flexible and 100% hands-on practical training.

Course Objectives 

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Go programming language.
  • Gain knowledge on concepts including variables, and control structure.
  • Gain an understanding of packages and interfaces.
  • Get knowledge with the concept of concurrency and networking in Go.
  • Learn to design and develop a real-time application using Go.


Programmers, Developers, anyone interested in learning Go can take up the course.

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